Lawana Jones
Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer & CIO

Company: United Way Worldwide

Lawana Jones is a seasoned global executive, serving as the Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at United Way Worldwide (UWW). UWW is one of the world’s largest privately funded nonprofit charities, supporting over 1,800 United Way branches worldwide. With decades of experience, Lawana leads the development and implementation of UWW’s top-level strategy for Information Technology & Infrastructure. She oversees key business priorities such as data governance, privacy, cybersecurity, and the implementation of Gen AI across the organization. Lawana’s leadership plays a pivotal role in navigating technology’s ever-evolving landscape, enabling UWW to leverage cutting-edge solutions for community social impact. Her dedication to innovation and leveraging technology for positive change make her a valuable asset to United Way Worldwide and the broader community striving for meaningful transformation through the use of AI and other technologies.